Our company specializes in making replicas of famous sculptures and busts. We remove forms for replicas from originals, so each of our replicas is absolutely identical to the original. We also produce smaller statuettes of monumental monuments, reproduce famous paintings in sculpture, and create our own models. We always try to make limited editions, for example, when we release a 10-piece of one model, we stop production, thus maintaining exclusivity. 

We also have antiques . All items presented in the categories "Antique sculpture", "Antique busts", in the section "Antiques" are authentic, have their own history, starting mainly in the 19-20 centuries.

Independent sculptors with extensive experience are engaged in creating forms(modeling). We also work with the Italian school of fine arts, where we get a lot of models. Sculptors of the school are trained by reproducing replicas of masterpieces of world sculpture. 

 A wide range (more than 2000 items), multidirectional products and flexible pricing policy make us a very unteresting partner.