Bronze Code: 01421
Height: 13.2 In
Width: 6.4 In
Weight: 14.5 LBs


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Height: 13.2 In, Width: 6.4 In, Weight: 14.5 LBs.
A reduced, high-quality copy of the famous monument. The sculpture is quite large and heavy (33 cm; 6.6 kg) with an impressive marble stand that repeats the original along the contour. "The Worker and the Collective Farmer" is an outstanding monument of monumental art, "the ideal and symbol of the Soviet era", which is a dynamic sculptural group of two figures with a hammer and sickle raised above their heads. The author is Vera Mukhina. The sculpture became not just the pride of the country, in 1947 "The Worker and the Collective Farmer" became a brand of domestic cinema - a symbol of the Mosfilm film studio.